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Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

Anti-slip Floor Treatments for Floors and Showers

anti slip treatmentsEvery year in Australia thousands of people are seriously injured in slip and fall accidents. It is the highest cause of accidental injury in the world costing business’s millions of dollars in insurance claims which could have been easily prevented and at a fraction of the price.
Our non-slip treatment  involves both three and four step processes depending on the surface to be treated. On a wet and slippery surface, it will increase slip resistance by an astounding 260%.

This Anti-Slip Floor Treatment process is currently being used in many state and local government departments, disability services, community housing, health and aged care facilities, hospitals, hostels, retirement villages and all across the hospitality industry from commercial kitchen floors and behind bars and public bathroom floors.

This product is safe to use in any area from domestic bathrooms and showers to gigantic shopping malls. Strictly Grout can make the, workplace or any public area safer for everyone.

What Surfaces can be Treated

This Anti-Slip Floor treatment will provide outstanding slip resistance on surfaces such as ceramic, quarry and mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, granite terrazzo and concrete.
From pool surrounds to kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, actually anywhere a floor surface is slippery especially when it is wet, inside or outside. Strictly Grout can make it safe.

How Does it Work?

A slight chemically created change is made to the surface of the tile by the combination of our three step process. The change created to the surface of the tile is NOT VISIBLE to the naked eye. THIS IS NOT A SEALER OR COATING. There is no product left on the surface of the tile at all, meaning that this will never have to be done to that surface again in its lifetime.  After the process is completed, the tile surface appears unchanged so that ongoing maintenance cleaning can continue in the regular way.

After the non-slip treatment is applied, Strictly Grout will provide you with a large bottle of maintenance cleaner to use it in conjunction with your normal cleaning routine.

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